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Body Treatments


Body fat reducers,

cellulite elimination and firming

Losing weight can sometimes become a real fight with ourselves (diets, gyms…) that does not succeed in getting the results that we desire in the short run. So, many times, we end up quitting the goal. In Bronzejat i Bellesa we can help you get the motivation to lose weight with our body treatments.

In our beauty centre, we work with different reducing, elimination and firming techniques that will give you results and will teach you how to keep those results you get. To carry out our treatments, we use the latest technologies, as well as natural and biological products.

If you want to reduce your body fat and eliminate cellulite, do not hesitate to ask us and we will find a personalised treatment for you.

Discover how do we

carry out the beauty treatments

T-Shock31: We can get a loss of 50-70 cm. of volume per session with it (a minimum of 20 cm guaranteed). It is a revolutionary natural treatment, rewarded as the best treatment by Les Nouvelles Esthétiques 2015 of Paris.

Kelp Seaweeds: They stimulate the basal metabolism, benefit the mobilisation of the fat or cellulite deposits, boost the microcirculation and benefit the drainage of liquids and toxins.

3. ZERO: It removes liquids, tones and reduces body fat. It is a combination of thermo-active lipolytic and toning gels that work by the stimulation of the lipid basal metabolism and over the adipocytes.

Algues Biologuique Rechêrche reductive gel: draining, reductive and firming lypolytic gel that also activates the basal metabolism.

Diathermy by Medestec: It eliminates cellulite and drains the tissues, resulting in a body fat loss. It is a non-invasive treatment that fights the flaccidity of the skin, drains, liquefies…

Ballancer Pressotherapy: It is an inflatable therapeutic treatment associated with the venolymphatic structures. It benefits the venous return to the blood flow and the access of the oedema to the lympathic vessels by water retention.

Facial Treatments


Bronzejat i Bellesa is one of the best beauty centres in Barcelona regarding the quality of the cosmeceutical products it works with, its medical devices and its technique and therapeutical professionalism.

If you are thinking about getting a facial rejuvenation and treatment, do not doubt it, you are in safe hands. You will find with us the beauty and the health of your skin, so that it finds again its original gift and its own ability of cell regeneration.

Our work methodology in the booth is completely personalised and we adapt it to “the instant of the skin”. The results are immediately visible although they need to be kept with care at home with the products that we advise with professionalism.

Biologique Rechêrche, a French company with global implementation more than 50 years old. It captures the richness of the natural world and places the ingredients on the skin to obtain immediate and visible effects. It is 100% homemade produced, with no perfume or parabens content, what makes it a unique cosmeceutical products brand and with guaranteed results. Besides, we are one of the authorised sellers of Biologique Rechêrche in Barcelona, so you can purchase their products in our beauty centre.

Natura Bissé, a Catalan company more than 35 years old with world implementation. It was the pioneer in the cosmetics world with the application based on the application technology of the natural free amino acids (proteins) that put an effective action in the new fibres synthesis, keeping their characteristics unaltered in their creams.

Hands and feet treatments

Because the beautiful and well taken care of hands communicate more than we usually think. In Bronzejat i Bellesa we make manicure and special treatments for hands, that go further from the traditional manicure.

One of the best centres in Barcelona for the care of your hands, always customised for every type of skin.


As well as the hands are a letter of introduction, well taken care of feet make the difference: they spruce up and show the care and the health we have. Our pedicure goes further from the traditional one: try our beauty treatments for hands and feet, and shine! They are unique and exclusive!

We work with the brands:
CND: The authentic Shellac varnish, 100% vegan, Essie