Uva tanning in Barcelona

In Bronzejat i Bellesa you will find your uva rays centre in Barcelona, with the quality certification from the European Union to give you a beautiful, natural and, most of all, safe tanning.

In our uva rays booths, we use the most advanced technology of the solar equipment of Ergoline: the first leader brand in an European level that complies all the European regulations. Our solar beds also have lamps that emit magenta light that stimulate the collagen and elastin regeneration, providing a smoother, softer and more hydrated skin.

Besides, can you imagine listening to your MP3 while you are receiving uva rays? In our centre is possible! If that was not enough, you will also feel like if you were on the beach with our Aqua Fresh system: with a soft breeze of individual air conditioning, with water vapour with scent.

It is time to pamper yourself with all the luxury at an affordable price. Get a healthy tan and get charged with vitamine D! Come to the heart of Poblenou and let us take care of you!

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