Massage, quiromassage

The massage is a therapeutic relaxing massage that, together with the RF Diathermy by Medestec, it helps in the recovery of the tissues from sports, post-surgical, per accidents injuries, stress, etc.


Relaxing and Wellbeing Massages

You are in the right place if you want to take care of yourself or improve your wellbeing. In Bronzejat i Bellesa we count on qualified professionals that will give you different relaxing massages. Pampering and taking care of your body means gaining physical and emotional health. Feel like in a spa and give yourself a massage from time to time. Your body will appreciate it. To carry out the massages, we use essential oils, chocolate, warm stones, bamboo, pindas, etc.

Aesthetic Medicine Service

In Bronzejat i Bellesa we count on a specialist doctor on aesthetic medicine with a long career in some of the most important clinics in Barcelona: Clínica Tres Torres and Quirón. In Barcelona’s Poblenou neighbourhood, you can enjoy the best advances, as in Bronzejat i Bellesa we have the service of Aesthetic Medicine of facial rejuvenation by laser, a laser that will make your face recover years unaffectedly, in a progressive and harmonic way, without anyone noticing it.

With this laser, we can also treat couperosis, rosacea, to remove scar acne, open pores, etc. Other medical treatments; vitamines infiltration, filling with hyaluronic acid, botox and tensor strands, varicose veins.

Contact us for a “free” first consultation and we will professionally advise you about the best option for you to boost harmonic and natural aesthetic results.


Nutririon And Dietetics Service

Because we know that Nutrition and Dietetics require a great professional commitment and because health is always the first thing to be taken care of, in Bronzejat i Bellesa you will find the perfect nutritionist to go with you through your process of losing weight. Call us, arrange a visit and you will see how we will be able to motivate you to obtain a nutritional plan that keeps your health and your weight loss.


Massage and physiotherapy service, we are also specialised on sports and respiratory physiotherapy, traumatology and neurology. We combine these treatments with medical devices. We also offer the analytic and global stretching and we can home deliver this offer, as well as coordinate a functional training adapted to open air. Currently, the professional who is in charge of this service also works as a physiotherapist in the Español Football Club School. Specialities: 

Sports Physiotherapy:
Dry puncture for the trigger myofascial points treatment in the biomechanical alterations of the locomotive system. Neuromuscular bandage (kinesiotape). Sports retraining after injury. Functional and adapted training. Injury preventions. Muscular discharges through cryotherapy application (ice). Draining Pressotherapy. Diathermy (Indiba). Other medical devices of physiotherapy: electrotherapy, TENS, ultrasound,  microwaves, suction pads, roller, etc. Manual Therapy. Analytic and global stretching.